Do you want some awesome blogging advice? Of course you do! That’s why you spend hours on the internet googling things like “How to monetize my blog” or “How to Drive Traffic to my website” Most of the time when you read a blog about how to do this or how to do that they all pretty much say the same thing. There isn’t really any unique answer to the questions you have.

If you’re reading this then you are probably looking for an answer to a question. You probably want to know the magical way to get your blog noticed. Many of you are looking for overnight success and I’m here to tell you THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Creating and maintaining a blog is hard work. It takes dedication and a certain kind of drive to make it a success. There are no magic tricks that will help you skip the hard work part. If you run across anyone that tells you any different they are lying!!! You are going to have your great days and then you are going to have a day where you only have one viewer. It takes a special kind of person to survive in this blogging world. And believe me when I tell you only the strong survive.

I can never offer you the secret to blogging success. What I can do is steer you in the direction that I think will help you. This is why I decided to create “Blogging Tip Thursday.” Every Thursday I will give a detailed blogging tip that will help steer your blog in the direction of success. My goal in this article is to give you a tool that will help your blog become noticed. This tool will also increase your twitter followers and expose you to some really awesome people who create great content.

You want to be noticed, you want to be heard and you want people to read your blog right? Great! Viral Content Buzz is where you want to go. Viral Content buzz is a website that’s all about the gift of sharing.

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This website was created by Gerald Weber and Ann Smarty (Follow Them On Twitter They Are Great)

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These are awesome people guys!! The point of Viral Content Buzz is to get your content shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. On the about page they describe the site as this:

“Viral Content Buzz allows you to get Facebook Likes and Tweets from established social media accounts that are primarily outside of your normal social media channels. This keep the sharing organic and gives your content REAL social signals! Not only does Google love these types of signals, but it also means more eyeballs on your content. This type of organic sharing gives your content its best chance to go viral!”

I describe it as the best thing that has happened to my blog since Bloggers Worldwide. (Stay tuned for blog on Bloggers Worldwide) My views on my blog website have gone up tremendously. And I would never recommend something unless it has worked for me. You can earn credits by sharing others articles on your twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or google+ accounts. You then use the credits you have earned to get your blog shared as well.

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They have numerous categories from blogging tips to headline news. You just click a category and share a post that you want on your social media site. I like to share things that relate to things that I post myself. So it would be wise for you to share in that manner as well. Having an account on Viral Content Buzz is free. They do have a GO PRO option that offers extra incentives and gives you a substantial amount of credits per month. You do not have to Go Pro to be a part of the site. However, I do recommend it.

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Since being a member on this site my twitter followers have increased as well.  I have met a lot of awesome bloggers. I have come across some very great content as well. Also make sure you take a look at the article before sharing it. Make sure it represents you and what you stand for. Remember, you sharing another’s post is like you vouching for the quality of their content. Don’t disappoint those who trust you as blogger! To get a more in-depth look on how Viral Content Buzz really works watch their tutorial video below.

Thank you for reading Blogging Tip Thursday! I want you to know that I am everyone’s biggest fan. My goal is not only to be a leader but to help others become leaders as well. I will always give information that I genuinely think will help you be the success that you are meant to be.


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