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Last Thursday September 17th I published a sizzling post that featured some of the most successful bloggers and writers.  I asked these experts 2 questions: What is something you would tell your “beginner blogger” self now? And what is something you would tell your “Beginner Blogger” self NOT to do? Their answers were phenomenal and turned into advice for new bloggers as well as established ones. (TO READ LAST THURSDAY’S EXPERT ROUND UP POST CLICK HERE) The post received a huge amount of feedback, retweets and a substantial amount of comments. So, I can honestly say that my expert round-up post was a huge success. Today’s Blogging tip Thursday I am going to show you how I was able to put together an expert round-up post without the hassle of emailing and waiting for a response. That is something that bloggers are taught right? To email different experts and basically beg them to participate in your expert round-up post. Then you sit and wait for them to respond back to you. Many times only 2 or 3 respond back. The others they either forget because they are too busy or your request was tossed into the “NO NO Zone.” For those of you who don’t know the NO NO Zone is the spam folder. Here is the secret to doing an expert round-up post “MYBLOGU”

Before I get into all the juicy details about MyBlogU let me first give you a little background on its creator Ann Smarty.


 Ann Smarty is the hardest working person I know. She is the creator of MyBlogU, ViralContentBuzz, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and My Blog Guest. I am almost positive the list goes on but who has that kind of time? Ann Smarty is an amazing person who loves to help other bloggers and writers. She is a true leader because she is always helping others to lead as well. She was a participant in my expert round-up post last week and the fact that she participated shocked me. I was pretty sure that she was busy running the world when I reached out to her on Twitter saying how cool it would be if she participated. Not only did she respond back to my tweet she participated and sent me a tweet when she was done. I was flabbergasted! That just goes to show how good of a person she is. She is one of those people who no matter how big she gets in the blogging world she will always make time to help others and that makes her an awesome leader.


Now that I gave you a little background on the creator of MyBlogU now it’s time to get the juicy stuff. MyBlogU is a content marketing platform that helps bloggers and writers collaborate to create and promote wonderful content. This amazing site was created back in July 2014. Although it’s fairly new it has had a tremendous impact on those who use it. MyBlogU is the ONLY content marketing platform that educates and gives you the tools to accomplish all your content marketing goals. To me it’s more than just a platform. It’s a community of people in the same boat as me helping each other. It’s a community of writers, bloggers, and infographic designers who exchange case studies, digital assets and expertise. This is site should be your main go-to when it comes to content marketing. There are many things you can do on MyBlogU that will help you. With so many things I am only going to discuss a few and then the rest is up to you, because if this post doesn’t convince you to try MyBlogU nothing will.



Have you ever had a subject that you wanted to blog about but you didn’t know where to start or you needed some fresh ideas to give your blog some life. Well that is what the “Brainstorming” section on MyBlogU is all about. You can add your projects in the brainstorming section to ask the community for some help with unique ideas and resources for the subject that you will be blogging about. This section is amazingly helpful because it connects you with people who share the same interest as you. It also gives you fresh ideas. We all know that sometimes we have brain farts and we can’t seem to think creatively. For times like this adding an idea in the brainstorming section can help you a great deal.



Here is my favorite section of MyBlogU. This is the section that provided me with the tools I needed to execute my expert round-up post. In the interview section you can collect quotes from other bloggers and writers on any topic you want. You can add as many questions as you need to get some insight.  When I did mine I only asked 2 questions. I wanted to keep things simple I didn’t want to overwhelm potential experts. My advice is to keep it simple. I wouldn’t do no more than 4 questions. Another awesome thing is you can participate in interviews requested by other members as well. Group interviews are an awesome way to create great content and receive expert opinions from people in your industry. Keep in mind that participating in interviews helps you build your brand and authority. This will help you in the long run to build important relationships with other bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs.


The media section has to be the biggest section for users of MyBlogU. This section is where you can find infographics, books and videos that other members have created. If you need media for your blog this would be the place to go. Infographics are important for blogs these days. It makes it easier for readers to gather what your post is about without them having to actually read it all. Also infographics are easy to “pin” if you are a Pinterest user. And even if you are not there is a 90 percent chance that your readers are. The media section has some of the most amazingly original infographics that will definitely help your content stand out from the rest. You can also upload your own digital assets for others to use and reference in their articles. Also click on books in the media section. Here you will find free eBooks that can be a help to you. They also have printables and much more. This section is a big deal people and I encourage you to check it out!


I have only gave you a glimpse of what MyBlogU has to offer. There is so much more to this platform and it will continue to grow. When you first visit the site you will have to create a profile. Within the profile you will get to add the links to your social media accounts as well as the URL to your website. It’s important to add as much detail to your profile as possible. This helps other members get a glance of who you are and what you have contributed to the MyBlogU community. Contributed? Yes, every time you contribute an idea to someone else’s brainstorming, every time you participate in an interview your user rank goes up on the site. Your user rank is important because it lets others know that you are active in the site and that you offer great insight. It builds your klout and authority within the blogging community.


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