SAMSUNG Addwash Full Review & Instruction- Máy giặt cửa dưới liệu có đáng mua!?

Does the new generation of washing machine is worth to buy? In this video I will summary all the functions and instruction of this machine:
_Good looking, average price.
_Because of the core Inverter Tech so we can save the amount of energy and water. (5 Stars as ENERGY SAVING).
_Convenient with easy interface as well as sub door in order to add more clothes in every stage of washing process.

*Cons: Currently I can not find any defects of this guy except the easy sratch surface of washing door.

_Install power cord to touch with ground so as not to be shock of electricity.
_Take all metal buttons of clothes or zipper to a washing bag or flip it into other side to protect clothes and washing door (the surface of door is easy to scratch)


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